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Only neg calz PLZ

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Bashing of wanarexics and anything related to pro-ana


We are a variety of people, mostly eating disordered, that can’t stand pro-ana sites and wanarexics. We believe that self-destructive eating disorders should not have pet names like "Ana" and "Mia". An eating disorder is not a diet! We do not mock eating disorders, but the stupidity of people who wished they had one. This is a snark community dedicated to bashing of such wanas.

Enjoying the community? Feel free to promote.


Urban dictionary defines it as:
“One who wishes to become anorexic. Generally a female teenager who believes anorexia nervosa is a lifestyle choice rather than a mental illness. Often she makes an active decision to "start ana" in order to drop a few pounds. She may engage in anorexic behaviors such as self-starvation, but the root of her dieting is not the same as one who genuinely suffers from an eating disorder. Her desire to become anorexic may fade when she sees the true consequences... or when she sees a shiny object.
Other names for wanarexics are: wana, wanna, fauxlimic, fauxlimia, or wanamia”


If you have a question, suggestion or problem related to the community please do not make a post about it. All you have to do is PM one of the mods!
butterflyhickup - Lulzgeneral
esophag0r - Lulzcaptain
dressingfordusk - Lulzcaptain


  • We recommend that all posts are locked to members only.

  • All posts must contain an element of lulz, rage or wtf. We don’t care that you just joined the community, your opinion of it, or your long hard battle with your eating disorder. There are a lot of other communities for that.

  • Sometimes it is hard to tell if the person snarked at is a wanarexic or someone who actually suffers from an ED, the people commenting will be the judge of that.

  • This is a snark community. This means that people will snark at you if you make a failpost and generally be mean in here. Mods will rarely intervene in comment discussion.

  • Posting things from other sites than LJ is okay, but do not post real life stories as we can’t prove that you made it all up.

  • Promoting communities and other sites is not allowed.

  • DO NOT troll personal journals that gets linked here, doing so can get you banned, the snark is to be kept here and personal journals left alone.
  • Shit that will get you banned: Trolling, planning troll attacks in here, deleting comments, using racial and homophobic slurs.

  • LINKZ.

    la_ot - A silly community for all kinds of lol_anaz off topic discussions.
    lol_teenz - A snark community aimed at attentionwhoring teens.

    If you have questions or wish to learn more about eating disorders, stop by ed_ucate.